Fire Department

Half cent public safety sales tax

Girard Fire Department and Girard Police Department will be hosting public forums regarding the upcoming election for a half-cent public safety sales tax. A presentation of information will be provided, as well as an opportunity to answer any questions brought forward by the community.

Locations and dates are as follows.

October 19, 2023 at 7 PM located at Girard High School Cafeteria, 405 North Summit St. (Can enter cafeteria from Crespino Dr.)

October 26, 2023 at 7 PM located at Girard Civic Center, 102 North Ozark St, Girard.

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The Girard Fire Department is the oldest fire department in Crawford County, established in 1871. Throughout the years, the fire department has seen many advances, as well as a complete new standard of firefighting and service delivery.


The fire department today is classified as a combination fire department with full-time firefighters as well as volunteer firefighters. The fire station is manned 24 hours a day, year round. In addition to fire suppression, the staff is responsible for conducting fire inspections within the community, equipment maintenance, and respond to non-fire related emergencies. 

The community is served by state of the art fire-fighting vehicles and equipment from a new Fire Station which serves as a model for current fire technology and service. To maintain certification, all firefighters are required to attend regular scheduled training classes twice per month.

The department also provides first responder medical services in cooperation with the Crawford County ambulance service. Members are certified to the EMT level, including extrication and light rescue capability. 

Classes & Testing

Public fire education and prevention measures are taught year round. The staff also teaches carbon monoxide detection, and fire extinguisher classes free of charge to companies in the city, as well as the schools. 

Fire hydrant testing, flushing, and maintenance are conducted on an annual basis to ensure the ability to deliver fire suppression to the community.