Thousands of families and friends visit the Girard Cemetery annually, many coming to pay final respects to family members at graveside services, others to offer tribute to friends and other loved ones post burial. 

The cemetery has been in existence since 1869 and covers more than 30 acres.

Cemetery Building

Burial Information & Records

For out of town visitors coming to pay respects or inquire about deceased loved ones, your first stop should include City Hall, where all records on burial information is kept. There you will find grave location information and be given a drawn directional map to ease your search. Family and friends must provide their own transportation during funeral services at the cemetery and will be required to drive from the chapel to the gravesite.


Paying respect to loved ones occurs in many ways. In order to maintain a sense of grace, beauty, and peaceful surroundings, we ask that you adhere to the following rules:

  • Shrubbery, Flowers and Trees: The planting of shrubbery, trees and flowers by individuals is not permitted.
  • Curbs: No person or persons owning a lot(s) will be permitted to place a curb around the lot.
  • Memorial Day: All flowers will be picked up by individuals no later than two weeks after Memorial Day.
    • Exemption: Flowers in concrete or metal urns, stakes blanket bouquets on mausoleums, and flower baskets on metal hanging crooks.