Community Development


The Director of Community Development is responsible for ensuring code compliance of all construction projects permitted within the city limits of Girard, engineering plan review, all building trades licensing, planning and zoning, permitting, geographic information systems and nuisance code compliance.

Man in wood framed building holding blue prints

In 2011, the City of Girard adopted the 2006 International Building Code.

As the primary field enforcement agency for all permitted construction activity within the City of Girard, the program's goals and objectives reflect those of the Planning and Zoning Board, ensuring that buildings, structures, and building service equipment are constructed or installed according to the minimum standards set forth in the building codes. 

Responsibilities include issuing building permits, conducting building inspections, assigning and renewal of Contractor's Licensing, inspecting unsafe and dilapidated structures, administering the housing code, filing and maintaining permit records, and resolving property line issues.

Permits & Licensing

Permits are required for all building, electrical, plumbing and HVAC work completed within the city limits of Girard. Permits must be issued and fees paid prior to any work being completed. Contractors are required to be licensed and insured to work within city limits. If interested in becoming licensed, schedule a building inspection, report a code violation, or gather information on code enforcement, please contact the Community Development Director by calling 620-724-8918 or emailing Community Development.


Land Bank

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