• People riding donkeys during the donkey ball game
  • Reid shoots the basketball from his donkey while 2 people look on and another person tries to pull Reid off his donkey
  • 4 people pulling their donkeys while going after the basketball
  • Mary swinging her leg over the donkey to get on
  • 3 people trying to get on their donkeys while the man riding his donkey carries the basketball
  • Justin W shooting the basketball while falling off the donkey
  • People on donkeys watch as the basketball soars to the goal
  • Person loses helmet while another person goes for the basketball
  • Cliff and Jeremy riding donkeys
  • City employees riding and leading donkeys during the donkey ball game
  • The Mayor (also known as Pooper Scooper) and his grandchildren helpers.
  • The group receiving instructions on how to ride a donkey prior to the game.

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