Mayor:  Mickey Pyle 

Pyle Mickey
  1. Mickey Pyle


    I have lived in SE Kansas my entire life, but after meeting Joyce, my wife, I moved to Girard and have been here for the past 15+ years. Joyce and I are blessed with 6 children who have also blessed us with 10 grandchildren.

    My work history consists of working at Southeast Kansas Regional Juvenile Detention Center for the last 20 years.  I also had my own business, Heartland Auto Sales, for six years.  Eighteen of my early years, you could find me at the Pittsburg Police Department.

    I have enjoyed being the Mayor and am wanting to make a difference by improving the positive outlook of our little piece of the world, Girard, Kansas.

    Feel free to email me at  I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas regarding our community.

    Mickey became the mayor January 2018 and was re-elected January 2022.  As the mayor, Mickey accepts phone calls and emails from the residents of Girard.  If he doesn't know the answer or solution to the problem, he looks until he finds the answer. 

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